ARG Apple!

Today's latte, Jython.

Yesterday, CERT issued a warning about a vulnerability in Java 7.10.  No problem.  I do all of my surfing on a Mac using Chrome and Java won’t run plugins in Chrome (Chrome is 32bit only while Java is 64bit only).  The ONE thing I have to use Java and Safari for is to connect to a VPN.

I try this morning…it doesn’t work.  So I go looking.  It turns out that Apple thinks it has to babysit me.  They have disabled Java on OSX.  STUPID APPLE!  I don’t need you to babysit me.  I don’t need you to big brother my computer like this.  This means if something goes wrong at the office until this gets fixed, I have to go in.  It also means I can’t do any sort of remote work to help people.  I can’t do jack squat.

Oh, this also means people who live in places where the government “watches” the internet and they use a VPN so the government can’t “watch”…thanks Apple…you’ve really messed over a whole scad of people.

[Update 2013-01-14 09:48:06] Oracle has released Java 7.11.  I’m not sure if it resolves the bug/hole or not…but it re-enables Java in Safari.  Go to for the new version.

Image from yukop via flickr

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