Making Money?


See that?  So far in January, my blog here has averaged 58 visitors per day, 370 pages viewed, and 624 hits (the 12.41MB is the daily data transfer average).  This count excludes hits made by google, bing, and other search engine bots.

My question:  has anyone who reads this blog ever ran ads on their blog?  Ever made money?  How’s it work?  How did it work out?

I didn’t start this site so I could make money…It started because I didn’t ever want to have to change my email address again (this was pre-gmail days).  Once I had the domain, I thought why not blog.  So I started.  I never thought it would get this big (and it isn’t big as big goes either).  I don’t know…I’m on the fence.  I wouldn’t mind if I could make enough to pay for the hosting…but then, I don’t really like the idea of running ads either.

[Update 2013-01-19 08:27:23] Well, I signed up for AdSense today; however, when I went to add the code to my site, I had second thoughts.  I think I’ll hold off on this for now  $100/year would pay for hosting; however, I think I want to try to keep this website “clean” for the time being.  I may reconsider it later.

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