Revolving Pleasure

Last night, whist watching one of my new movies (Cyndi got me Jingle All The Way for Christmas) I was mindlessly surfing the internet when I came across a blog written by an American expat living in London.  One of her articles was a link to a article on The Superiority of American Appliances.

The title intrigued me so I went to have a look.  The main jist is that American appliances (called white goods in much of the rest of the world) are way easy to use (or have controls labeled in ways that are easy to understand) while European appliances are much harder to figure out.

I don’t have any good pictures to illustrate this for you (and flickr wasn’t very helpful either) but I think the same thing.  Even here, in English speaking England, controls for appliances are complicated and machines do rather odd things.

Image from gnarls monkey via flickr

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