I’ve blogged before about differences between British English and American English so I won’t bore everyone with my discussion about it again.  A blog I found recently written by an American expat in London had some good ones.  Here is a link to her list of articles…Here’s a few that made me laugh:

Plummer Crack/But vs Builder Bum
Pronunciation of Nissan
Pronunciation of Nokia
Dannon vs Danone
Pronunciation of 6th
Pronunciation of Michigan
Pronunciation of Michelin 
Inverted commas vs quote marks
Pronunciation of furore (I’m going to have to do more research on this)
Saying — right the way through
Merry Christmas vs Happy Christmas
Shots or Jabs
Bye (read more about this one at the bottom of this article)

I’ll conclude with a saying that a colleague (not co-worker mind you) loves to say:  The US and UK are two countries separated by a common language!

Image from nataliemaynor via flickr

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