OSx 10.7 Lion, and FileVault 2 (FV2)


Today at work, I had a minor moment of “holy cow I can’t believe that is how it is but I guess so.|  With Mac OSx 10.7 (aka Lion), Apple is offering full disk encryption as an option out of the box.  When you set it up at first, you get to choose the users who will have the ability to unlock the disk at startup.  I had to add a few users to an already encrypted machine but couldn’t figure out how to add them to the FV2 disk unlock list.  I found this apple kb about fv2 which proved useless.  It didn’t mention anything about adding users.  ARG.  From the article, I thought I would have to decrypt and re-encrypt.  Well, that process only takes about 10 hours and I wasn’t happy.

Before I started, I wondered if it added them by default.  I rebooted and, sure enough, there they were.  Why the documentation can’t say that is beyond me.  So, if you are in this

10.7/Lion with FileVault 2 (FV2) auto adds any new users to the disk unlock list.

Image from chester zoo via flickr

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