Sold Phone

Nokia E65

Well, I’ve sold the trusty e65 that I bought before we left the US and moved overseas.  Why?  Well, it went on the fritz and the mic decided not to work all the time.  So, I bought me a Google Nexus S.  But then, what should I do with my old phone?  We saw an advert on the tv for mazuma mobile.  They’d give me 10 pound for my phone (over 20 if it was working).  That’s enough for a case and screen protector so I said sure.

These instructions here helped me reset the phone:

Using the *#7780# restored factory settings
*#7370# wiped my data off it.

[Update 2011-01-26 08:09:13] I had an e-mail from mazuma saying they processed my order and posted my check.

Image from hooverdust via flickr

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