Mac Annoyances — Redux

Glass Trackpad + Keyboard

In this article, I blogged about some annoyances I had with my new MacBookPro.  Well, I found out today that one of them doesn’t have to be.  In my article, I said:

Touchpad. The guestures are great, but why do I actually have to click it? Why can’t I just tap it like on a PC touchpad? And don’t get me started on the click noise.

Well, today, I found out you can make the pad act like a pc touchpad.  Here’s how:

Go to system preferences->trackpad.
Check the Tap to Click option

That’s it.  You can now simply tap the touchpad to click…you don’t have to actually depress it. Now, I’m just going to have to break myself of the click habit I picked up  🙂

Image from huskermania via flickr

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