Mac Annoyances

13" Mac Book Pro


I got a Mac (a 13″ MacBookPro) about a week before Christmas.  Before you ask, no, I didn’t buy it…I’ve got to support Macs at work so they got me one.  Prior to this, I’d only spent about 30 min messing with a Mac.  Overall, I like it.  Although, I have problems with the way they lock their hardware and software together…I’d love to run OSx on other hardware.  I’ve also come up with some minor tweaks….little things that drive me crazy.  I thought I’d blog them here and see if anyone has suggestions:

  1. Touchpad.  The guestures are great, but why do I actually have to click it? Why can’t I just tap it like on a PC touchpad? And don’t get me started on the click noise.
  2. Keyboard.  The keys feel farther apart than on a standard desktop keyboard.  I feel like I have to move my hands 10 miles to type.
  3. Hover.  There’s no hover functionality.  In a PC, I could hover my mouse over the icons in the systray–that area down by the clock–and find things out.  Like how much more battery is left.  On the Mac, I can’t just hover over the icon…I have to click it.
  4. Quit.  Why doesn’t the red x actually quit the program.  I don’t want the thing to just hide…I want the app to quit running.  To do this, I have to hit command-q.

[Update 2011-01-17 19:29:58] I found out how to make the mac touchpad act like a pc touchpad.  This means you don’t have to depress it…you can simply tap it.

[Update 2012-12-26 15:36:37] My original picture was removed from flickr.  I’ve updated it to another image

Image from Dexter Panganiban via flickr

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