Sink Taps

Come to the UK and one of the first things you notice (after looking right – left- right when you cross the street) is that most every sink has two taps (aka faucets).  Why?  I have wondered about this since we got here.  I mean, to me, it makes sense to have one…then you can mix hot and cold then wash your hands in kind of warmish water.  Here, you either freeze or burn.  Sure, you can use the plug to mix the two in the sink…but who wants to run a sink-full of water to simply wash their hands?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

two faucets

Bird bath

english sink
from orangejack via flickr
What looks like a typical American sink
from anibee via flickr

Well, I have my answer.  According to this answer on yahoo’s uk answers site, it is against code to mix hot and cold water like I am used to.  Now, this is quite interesting because on our tub, there is one spigot, but one half of it gets really hot and the other gets really cold.  You can even feel the hot and cold water separately when it is flowing.

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