Hostage by Don Brown (Book 2 in the Navy Justice Series)

Hostage Don Brown

For my reviews of Book 1 Treason and Book 3 Hostage, follow the links.

Continuing the series started in Treason, the story in Hostage picks up after a huge trial. Again, Don Brown proves to be a good author writing a fast paced entertaining book. However, again, unlike John Grisham, don’t expect details of the trials to abound. Also, unlike Tom Clancy, don’t expect there to be pages devoted to details of military hardware or operations. Again, Don Brown makes mention of his characters Christian books, but it is just a part of the characters lives.

As an interesting note, I read this book third because of an error in this book. At location 27, where the book lists other books by Don Brown, the publisher has listed Defiance as book #2 instead of this book.

Here are some stats for the book:
Publisher: Zondervan
Locations: 6,134
Errors: Location 27 in this book states that Defiance is book 2. That is incorrect….this book is book 2. In addition, there were a few minor formatting errors (extra spaces, etc….)
Cost: $0.00
Overall: 7 out of 10

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