Treason by Don Brown (Book 1 in the Navy Justice Series)

Treason Don Brown

Treason is the first book in Don Brown’s Navy Justice series. (For my reviews on book 2 Hostage and book 3 Defiance, follow the appropriate links.). Overall, this book was a good fast read. Don Brown’s style isn’t that of John Grisham, so don’t read the book expecting lots of coutroom drama. In fact, an earlier, more insignificant trial in Treason takes up much more of the book than the climax trial. Some reviewers on Amazon have made mention of the books overt “pitch” of Christianity. While the book is no theological tome, there are mentions of the faith of the characters; however, I wouldn’t say the author pushes Christianity.

Here are some stats for the book:
Publisher: Zondervan
Locations: 6,259
Errors: I only remember a few minor formatting errors (extra spaces, etc….)
Cost: $0.00
Overall: 7 out of 10

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