Reflections on Week One

It has been an exciting, amazing week in the Maxson household!  God has so blessed our little family!!
I was ready to go last Sunday in the wee hours of the morning when my water broke.  We certainly weren't expecting to hear that Lydia was breech and would need to arrive by C-section when Dr. Bendheim checked me around 8 am.  It was pretty disappointing, but he was very encouraging and, judging by how I have felt since the surgery, he did a GREAT job!  Words cannot describe how it felt to finally see her and hold her.  Including the time it took the Dr. to finish stitching me up, we had more than an hour to bond…so she got to nurse and be loved on by her adoring mommy and daddy.  Henrico Drs. provides excellent maternity care.  All the nurses were wonderful and took great care of Lydia and I.  Not that I didn't experience some pain and discomfort, but it was more than worth it every time they brought my precious daughter to me or I walked down the hall to get her. 

We enjoyed having a room to ourselves and having Matt with us every night.  And it was great to have some special friends and family stop by to visit.  But my favorite part was taking her home!  I'm not ashamed to say that it is a little intimidating to go from having a team of nurses taking care of us to being on our own, but it is awesome to be home.  Matt has been wonderful and it has been such a joy to spend time with him as we start the adventure of parenthood.  Lydia is such a good girl.  She eats and sleeps very well and is, of course, the most beautiful baby ever!  We've had our share of tired, cranky moments…both of us…but overall our first week has been incredible!!

We have even been out a few times to stretch our legs. We tackled Walmart and Babies R Us on Thursday to get a few necessities, though I'm not ready to take her back anytime soon as people have no sense of personal space when it comes to babies and I really don't enoy getting hassled by strangers who want to know all about Lydia and, what's worse, would have their hands all over her if I let them get close enough.  We went to the pediatrician early Friday morning and he was very pleased with how she was doing.  She had regained nearly 5 oz of her birth weight (between his final hosp. visit Wed. am and her Fri. appt.) and was exactly where she should be for five days old.  The rest of the day was spent at home, where Lydia got to meet her Clark grandparents.  They greatly enjoyed meeting their first grandchild, though they have apparently forgotten how to change a diaper 🙂  We even took an hour to walk around the mall with them on Sat. to stretch our legs a bit.  It was nice to get out, even if we were tired by the time we returned home.

We're having a quiet day at home to celebrate her one-week birthday.  She's sleeping peacefully as of this writing, though I'm sure she'll be stirring shortly for her afternoon meal!  Lydia doesn't hesitate to let us know when she's hungry 🙂  It's such an awesome privilege to hold her and take care of her and we're very excited about what week two will bring!!

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