Feeding, Sleeping, and Pooping

Well, once again Cyndi and Lydia are asleep.  I thought I would take this opportunity to post some observations about the basic baby actions–eating, sleeping, and pooping.

Eating and Sleeping — Cyndi and I have decided to do the Babywise/Along The Infant Way/Parent Directed Feeding/whatever other name you want to call it approach to Lydia's eating and sleeping.  So far, it seems to be working great.  We feed Lydia every 3ish hours (never too much more) even if we have to wake her up.  She seems to be a very content little girl.  She eats very well when we feed her and she's content all the rest of the time.  She sleeps very well (so much so that this morning we slept through one of her feedings and went about 5 hours).  I don't have any experience with babies; however, I fail to see how some people become trapped in this feed your baby every 30 minutes kick.  From day one at the hospital, she's been very reliable eating 10-25 minutes every 2.5-3 hours.  Is this normal?  If so, how are people sucked into this demad feeding every 30 minutes stuff?  I'm interested in hearing about it.

Pooping — Lydia poops…alot.  I won't get up and count on the spreadsheet (yes, we keep a log just in case the doctor wants to know), but yesterday she dirtied about 8 diapers (5 wet and 5 dirty….some were both wet and dirty).  Based on what I've read in books and on the internet about infant feeding, she seems to be doing very well (you make sure they are eating enough based on the number of dirty diapers).  She also gained 5 oz from when we left the hospital to her first dr. appointment.  So, everything seems to be going well.

It's time for me to go wake everyone up so Lydia can eat again.  Cyndi has plans to write a summary of the week every week (so you should hear from her later).

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