Trail of Blood

As I have mentioned before, I'm reading the book Christian Jihad by the Caner brothers. This book talks not only about "The Crusades"–the war waged by the Catholic Church to retake the Holy Land–but it also talks about other crusades that were waged against believers who were never a part of the Roman Catholic Church such as the Anabaptists.

This made me think of a pamphlet Cyndi had a copy of called the Trail of Blood. I have found a copy of it online here. This pamphlet…

…is sent forth for the purpose of making known the little-known history of those FAITHFUL WITNESSES of the Lord Jesus, who, as members of the CHURCH JESUS BUILT, "Overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony: and they loved not their lives unto death," Rev. 12:11.

It chronicles the history of this seperate group of believers who we now know today as baptists. Everyone has heard of Protestants, and we are all taught that a Protestant is a non-Catholic christian; however, this simplistic view is incorrect. Modern day Baptists were never part of the Catholic church so they could never leave the Catholic church.

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