Shroud of Turnin

WorldNetDaily today has an article describing how a forger could have easily forged the Shroud of Turin. Here is a link to the WorldNetDaily article. The article describes the basics of the process: 

began his experiment by painting faces on glass. The painted panes of glass were then set on top of linen and left in the sun for various lengths of time.

Mr. Wilson, on his website has more to say and has pictures of his experiences.

Why do I point this out? I’m a Christian, don’t I believe the shroud is real? Why would I want to cast doubt on something like that? Well, first off, I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus was the “God Man” (100% God yet also 100% man). He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life while on earth. I believe he was crucified, buried, then rose again on the third day. Why did he die? To pay a sin debt that I could not pay. For scripture references and more information about what I believe, please read the Baptist Faith and Message. Do I think the shroud is real? Just as I don’t believe most of the other relics the Catholic Church has are real, I don’t think the shroud is real either. But, in the end, it just doesn’t matter to me. If the shroud is real, my faith is the same. If the shroud is false, my faith is the same. My faith does not depend on seeing or not seeing things. It is built upon what the Bible, the Word of God, says.

[Update 2012-12-26 15:00:50] The link to WorldNetDaily was wrong.  I updated it.

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