WOT – Day 4

Fitness First Gym

I was a bum yesterday.  I didn’t work out because I left home at 6:30 to go to London to the RSA Security Conference.  I was also so stinkin sore that it wasn’t funny.  I did track, as much as possible, what I ate.  I couldn’t track lunch because it was a buffet and I wasn’t sure what to search for.

FatSecret for 3 April 2014
Weight:  111 kg 
Waist:  123 cm
Neck: 43.5
Body Fat as reported by DietAndFitnessToday:  35.78
Total Weight Loss:  -1 kg (from start of 110kg)

Image from healthguage via flickr

WOT — Day 2

Weights 279

I still haven’t found my fabric measuring tape.

FatSecret for 11 April 2014
Weight: 112 kg
Waist: n/a
Neck: n/a
Body Fat as reported by DietAndFitnessToday: n/a
Total Weight Loss: -2 kg (from a start of 110)

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Workout at Home

weight loss exercise class

Today, I started working out again.  I thought I would blog a bit about the program I’m doing.  Last time, I did the biggest looser on my xbox.  The only problem with that was keeping it up while I travelled.  Even though I really enjoy really enjoyed riding my bike back when I did, I couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes on a stationary bike (it is just way different…I can’t explain but it has to do with the lack of things going by me on the stationary bike).  I never did get into running.  So, I turned to the internet.

Last night, I found workoutlabs‘ free programs:

     Ultimate At-Home No Equipment Workout (local mirror)
     Bodyweight At-Home (local mirror)

Let me just say that I felt way way out of shape when I started.  Even though I’ve been walking to work the past year, I’m way out of shape.  I’m a far cry from when I got on my bike, and decided to make an extra loop just to pound out a metric century.

Anyway, after the first day’s workout, I feel good.  Even though it was tough and I had to take several breaks.  That should get better as I get into it.

Image from nina hale via flickr

Working Out — Again

Workout space

According to my blog, the last time I worked out was Feb 19…2013.  Since then, I’ve sort of watched what I’ve eaten.  I’ve gone off/on eating well, and my weight has mostly stayed around the 110kg mark.

I started again today, and I plan to continue through the summer.  Like before, I plan to keep blogging about my stats.

FatSecret Journal for today.
Weight:  114kg (I expect that will be down to 110 by the end of the week)
Waist: n/a (I couldn’t find my tape measure this morning)

Image from nicole lee via flickr

Nordic Trac Computer

Nordic Trac Achiever

My parents had a Nordic Trac I used when I was in college, and I bought one last year to work out on.  Well, I’ve pulled it out and started using it; however, an old question has surfaced in my mind again:

What in the world is “Perf Index” on the Achiever BC-887 for?

It can’t be calories because it doesn’t know how much resistance I have.  The only connection is speed and time
It seems to count linearly so that at 12km/hr, I’ll hit 100 in 20 min covering 5km.

Oh well, any ideas out there?

By the way, the image is from a google cache of an old expired ebay auction.  One of the few I could find.