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Today, I started working out again.  I thought I would blog a bit about the program I’m doing.  Last time, I did the biggest looser on my xbox.  The only problem with that was keeping it up while I travelled.  Even though I really enjoy really enjoyed riding my bike back when I did, I couldn’t spend more than 5 minutes on a stationary bike (it is just way different…I can’t explain but it has to do with the lack of things going by me on the stationary bike).  I never did get into running.  So, I turned to the internet.

Last night, I found workoutlabs‘ free programs:

     Ultimate At-Home No Equipment Workout (local mirror)
     Bodyweight At-Home (local mirror)

Let me just say that I felt way way out of shape when I started.  Even though I’ve been walking to work the past year, I’m way out of shape.  I’m a far cry from when I got on my bike, and decided to make an extra loop just to pound out a metric century.

Anyway, after the first day’s workout, I feel good.  Even though it was tough and I had to take several breaks.  That should get better as I get into it.

Image from nina hale via flickr

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