Peanut Butter Pop Tarts


Some time in the past three years, Pop Tarts (Kellogs?) introduced peanut butter flavor pop tarts.  When Cyndi was in the states a few weeks ago, she brought some back for me to try.  

First, I wish they had frosting.  Pop Tarts without frosting automatically get points off, in my book.

Second, the filling was nice and peanut buttery.  Many things that advertise peanut butter do it with a half-hearted effort

Third, I with the filling were less sweet.  It tasted like peanut butter mixed with about 1/2 too much powdered sugar.

Overall, it was good; however, I’d like to see the filling less sweet and add some frosting.

I found the image I used on Serious Eats.  The main poptart site wouldn’t let me save an image.

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