Here’s an idea that I think could compete with Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.  In some ways, it is based off the old <shoot, I can’t remember what it was called.  It was a blog search, social network thing.  When you posted a new article, this thing was told about it by your blog then people could search it>.

Why not offer a service where:

  1. Everyone has their own blog.  They can host it wherever they want:  their own server, blogspot, etc….
  2. This service gets a notification whenever a new entry is posted.
  3. This service let’s people “friend” or “follow” other people.
  4. Whenever a new entry is posted, it shows up in your “feed” or on your “wall” with a link to the original
  5. Comments are left on the blog itself

What problem would this solve?  Quite simply:  ownership.  Who owns the information you post to Facebook, Twitter, or Google +?  Oh, you think it is yours?  Nope…they own it.  And, since someone else runs it, you don’t know if the government has ever issued a court order to get your data.

Image from inju via flickr

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