Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark

So I was reading the news tonight when I came across this article claiming to back up Noah’s Ark.  First off, the article is bunk.  Rubbish.  It should go in the bin.  But not because it tries to back-up the flood.  It is bunk because it gets it all wrong.  Here’s how:

First off, the Biblical Account of the Ark and flood isn’t based on any “older” accounts.  They are based on the events that really happened with Noah and a world-wide flood.

The Ark couldn’t have been round.  Instead it was most likely shaped like the image at the start of this post.  Why?  Well, that has been found to be the most stable shape and design.

Was there really a flood?  Yes.  Did it really cover the whole world?  Yes.  And the fossil and rock evidence points to it.

[Update 2014-01-19 20:38:26] Here’s a link to an older post I wrote about Noah’s Ark.

Image from adam lederer via flickr

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