oh no…you mean that

The government would have to cut spending?  Sounds like a good way to force living within its means.  A big cleaver approach and not the best way for sure…but we’ve long passed the opportunity for that.

I’d pass a law forcing the payment of things monthly in this order:

1. Debt payments to not default
2. Military expenses necessary for immediate defense (not the complete budget for the Pentagon… Enough to keep safe)
3. Social security and welfare payments
4. I doubt there’d be any left at this point but I’d prioritize the rest with things like the education department, HUD, and other such fluff things at the bottom.

This would make sure people could eat, have shelter, and the nation would be defended.  But be sure the liberals would scream and not pass it.  Barry would then spend spend spend and miss a debt payment.  The media would blame the Republicans but… Just like with the shutdown…the liberals would be to blame.

[Update 2013-10-08 06:18:35]  Using CBO numbers for 2014 work out even better than expected.  Check out this article.  In short, with expected tax receipts, the government could:

1) pay interest
2) fully fund the social welfare programs
3) fully fund the military
4) have about $500 billion left for the rest of government to function on


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