Email from my Rep.

I just received this email from my Rep.  Here’s a quote:

 “So here’s where we are: my colleagues and I in the House have been at the negotiating table for weeks, but two seats have remained empty – President Obama’s and Harry Reid’s.”


“The House’s position is simple: if the President wants to delay the mandate for big businesses, he should also be willing to delay the individual mandate that will be affecting the American people. And, we need to eliminate the preferential treatment given to the President, Members of Congress, and their staffs under Obamacare – Washington should live by the same laws the American people have to live by. But, the President and Harry Reid have said that they will not negotiate with us.”

So, I ask again…who is willing to work through this and who isn’t?

Now, you may be wanting to excuse this as a partisan hack job.  But, my rep seems real down-to-earth and level headed.  He doesn’t always agree with me (so that should tell you something) but I respect his openness and honesty.  I don’t have any reason to doubt him in this.

The fact that Obama and Reid aren’t trying to end this also shows up here.

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