Last Week….

Alcohol stove take 1

…I made an alcohol stove.  Here in England, I haven’t found a source for HEET so I tried test firing it with rubbing alcohol but it didn’t do too much.  So, I did some looking and yesterday bought some methylated spirits (basically ethanol that has anti-drinking agents in it.  Found out about it from Adventures in Stoving).  The stove finally lit and the holes on the outside got fire…but it wasn’t very much.  When I set a pot on top, the fire was snuffed out.

Well, I thought the problem was I didn’t have it together good enough so I pushed down on the top.  Long story short, I ended up and crushed it (the picture to the left is after I pulled it back out).  I decided it was ruined too bad so I’m going to make another.

Here’s some videos showing what I used as the basis for mine:


And because you tube videos have a bad habit of disappearing, here are local mirrors of pt1, pt2, and pt3.

[Update 2013-06-25 06:50:42] Here’s a link to my new stove burning nicely.

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