For Father’s Day

Tassimo-T42sort med drik

Cyndi and the kids got me a Tassimo coffee machine.  Costa was running a special:  £30 for the machine.  I then got a £20 off my first order of coffee from their web store.  That works out to £0.50 (aka 50p) each for some hot chocolate I bought and £0.25 (25p) for a coffee/tea assortment.

Now, I’ve always wanted one of the all-in-one espresso machines; however, I wouldn’t spend the money.  This offer for the tassimo made it within my price range.  So far, I’ve had the following drinks:

* Costa Americano
* Costa Late
* Earl Grey Tea
* 100% Columbian

The one thing I’ve found is that the coffee is rather strong if I don’t give it extra water.  At first, I was confused about how to do that.  The instructions seemed to indicate that you push the start button after the brew cycle for an extra “shot” of water.  Well, it turns out you have to push and hold the button and it “doses” hot water as long as you hold the button.

I give the machine 7 out of 10 overall.  I wouldn’t have paid full price for it; however, the special made it a nice purchase. I think once my major order runs out, I’ll buy my coffee direct from Costa.  I’ll get costa points and give the Redhill store some traffic.

Image from Tassimo Danmark via flickr

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