Shout Out — Costa Coffee Redhill

COSTA COFFEE Since 1971.. did you know?

In Serbia, Cyndi and I got in a habit of going to coffee.  Lydia and Isaac both like it too.  That habit has continued to England.  However, we don’t have nearly the choice of coffee shops in Redhill that we had in Cacak.  One of our favorites (or favourites) is the Costa in Redhill.

I wanted to give them a special shout out.  I think they went above and beyond yesterday.  Cyndi bought me a insulated mug from Costa for Christmas.  Well, after using it twice (and only hand-washing) it had a bed condensation problem between the outer and iner mugs.  So bad that the paper inside was wet and wrinkled.  I took it in, spoke to the manager, and asked her if I could get another.  She said that usually I would need the receipt; however, since I was a regular, she would just exchange it even up.

Thank you Costa Redhill for fixing my cup even though you didn’t HAVE to.

Image from Kiran Raja Bahadur SRK via flickr

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