It seems as if we can only visit Stonehenge in bad weather.  First, when my parents and Uncle Bommer were here, it was cold and snowy the day we went.  Yesterday, when we took our friend Emily there, it was rainy and windy–although not as cold.  Here are a few pictures from Stonehenge:

Oh, and by the way…the place was way crowded.  First, we had to queue about 30 min.  Then, once we got to the car park, all of the spaces were taken up by coaches (they had about 15 car spaces for cars….all of the rest of the car spaces were taken up by coaches).  They did let me drop Cyndi, Emily, and the kids off but I had to park down the road on a side road.  Oh well.  After that, we went to Bath…I’ll write more about that this afternoon.

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