Longest Day of the Year

Tomorrow will be the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere.  One of the things that means everywhere North of the equator is longer days.  But here in England, the days are longer than one might think.  For example, as I’m writing this, the time is 10:10pm and the sky is still light.  Below is a picture I took last week with my camera phone at 10:10pm.

13 June 2012 night sky at 2220

Look at that!  Incredible the amount of light on the horizon.  Tomorrow it will be even more so.

Oh, in addition to staying light longer, the sun also rises earlier.  I’d have to look it up, but we sunrise has to be about 5am this time of year.  Now, one disadvantage is it gets dark sooner in the winter.  For example, it is full dark (no light visible in the sky) by 4pm in the winter time and it doesn’t get light until about 8am.  Oh, in case you are wondering, we live at 51 degrees north.  That is 10 degrees shy of the 61 for Anchorage, Alaska but 13 higher than Washington DC and 4 higher than Seattle’s 47.

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