Nokia, Chat, and Google Talk

nokia e71 unboxing

Last year, I got Cyndi a Nokia e71.  She needed a new phone but wanted one with a physical keyboard (as opposed to a touchscreen).  We found a new one in a pawn shop here for not very much so I got it.  I was able to get it set up with Google Maps, Google Voice, and Google Talk; however, a few weeks ago, Google Talk quit working (I’m actually not sure when it stopped working as she didn’t use it all the time).

I ended up and uninstalled it and redownloaded it.  Now, the Nokia Ovi Chat application won’t let me (her really) sign in to Google Talk.  It ONLY lets you sign in with a Nokia account  ARG.

I’d really like to get her an android phone (then this stuff will just work) but she doesn’t want a touchscreen.  Does anyone 

1) have ideas how to get Nokia Chat to work once again with Google Talk?
2) an android phone with a real keyboard? 

Image from makarus via flickr

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