Android 4 (ICS), Battery Life, and VoIP

Old Ray-O-Vac Batteries

In this article, I mentioned one of the big issues I had once my Nexus S upgraded to ICS was poor battery life.  I also said I had fixed that by doing a reset of the phone.  Well, the other day, I was looking at settings and think I’ve figured out the real reason for the poor battery life:  VoIP.

When we moved overseas, I bought a Nokia e65 because I could run an app called TruPhone on it (VoIP).  Combined with Google Voice, it was really convenient.  When we were traveling, I could hook the phone up to WiFI (I couldn’t get data service at that time) and we could call people in the states.  When I got my Nexus S, I set it up as well.  This time, VoIP would ONLY work over wifi–it just wouldn’t connect at any other time.

Last week, I reconfigured the SIP settings on my Nexus S.  Wow!  It connected straightaway and over 3g to boot.  This is really good as I have unlimited data on my phone.  I called my parents in the states.  There was a delay, but it worked!  I went on to game night; however, when I picked my phone up to take a picture, the battery was almost flat.  INSANE!

I’ve since gone in and disabled then re-enabled the SIP receive calls setting and think that is the cause of the very poor battery life.  When it is enabled, the phone just sucks the battery (but I can’t receive calls that come into my google voice number).  When I disable it, batter life is actually better than it was under Android 2.3.2 (what came on it).

Image from deanj via flickr

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