ICS (Android 4.04) — What I think so far

Android vs. Alien (305/365)

Ok…I’ve been using ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0.4) since my phone got the OTA upgrade 5 days ago.  What do I think?  First, the bad:


1) Initially, battery life was horrible.  I mean HORRIBLE. 4 hours of no use and the battery would be flat.  After looking around on the internet, the concensus was it was a bad app.  I didn’t uninstall everything one by one.  Instead, I decided to just reset my phone.  I think it was my status app causing the battery drain (but can’t prove it)

2) I don’t like the new signal indicator.  Instead of distinct bars, it is one solid triangle that gets filled in.  I find it hard to read.

3) I use 2 factor authentication for Google.  When I reinstalled the authenticator, I had to redo my 2 factor authentication.  Some things work ok; however, in some other places, it seems to have forgotten my application specific passwords.


1) ICS has a built in traffic/usage graph.  I like that

2) The panno function is good for quick and dirty panorama shots.

3) Tabbed browsing has come to the browser.

[Update 2012-04-15 09:35:30] I think I’ve figured out the poor battery life.  It appears to be related to SIP/VoIP in ICS and it working over 3g.

Image from jd hancock via flickr

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