Isaac, Easter, and a Creme Egg

Isaac with a creme egg

Yesterday was Easter.  Since it was Sunday, we went to church–like always.  Keith, the pastor, made an announcement something like:

Eggs have absolutley nothing to do with the Christian message or the Christian message of Easter.  However, if you are a child, there are some eggs available for you.

Now, other than liking the fact that he pointed out eggs have nothing to do with Easter (that’s why we don’t do the Easter egg thing), I didn’t think much about it.  But,after church, Jonathan came up to Lydia and offered her a Creme Egg.  She was polite and didn’t take one (she’s allergic to milk); however, Jonathan gave her one for me to hold.

Well, turns out he found Isaac to.  So, yesterday, Isaac had his first Creme Egg.  To say he liked it would be an understatement!

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