And Now In The Petrol Row/Not Row


For my other stories on the ongoing petrol strike/not strike no-fuel situation:

Filled Up

When we were in the process of filling up, I saw a police car in the queue to, I assume, get petrol.  At the time, I remember thinking how odd that is.  I assumed emergency services (police, fire, ambulances, etc…) would have their own supply depot somewhere.  I put it out of my mind…until today.

Today, there is a story in the Telegraph that says 999 (the UK version of 911) vehicles are having difficulties filling up their tanks due to shortages, closed stations, and sale limits.  WOW!  I’m really shocked now that the emergency services don’t have their own depot for fueling.

[Update 2012-03-31 08:19:50] Here’s a good summary of the events so far.

[Update 2012-04-19 09:36:06There was an agreement; however, the union has rejected it.  No strike news yet.

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