For the life of me…

Question mark in Esbjerg

…I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to follow this online debate.  I cannot figure out how to read more than one small snippet of what each person wrote.  

And I really want to follow it because I think Bruce Schneier has a good handle on security and the TSA is worthless (I mean the pilot can fly the plane into the ground or go nuts like the EgyptAir 990 pilot or the JetBlue guy…what good does making them take off their shoes and belt do???)

[Update 2012-03-30 18:17:22]  I think I’ve figured it out.  You click the timeline on the top then scroll down.  Where it says skip to… click what you want to read.  The moderator goes first, Pro, then Con.  The paragraphs are numbered per day…not per person/position/day.  That only took forever.

Image from alexanderdrachmann via flickr

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