Cyndi got me a SodaStream Genesis for Valentine’s day.  I’ve been wanting one ever since we left the states.  This thing is awesome….now, I don’t have to make my own CO2 for root beer.  I can just mix it up, push a button a few times, and BAM…I’ve got carbonated rootbeer.

I’ve got some videos I’ll upload and link to of the unboxing and making my first root beer.  

[Update 2012-04-06 16:12:59] Haven’t done the making my first root beer yet.  Well, I’ve made it but I didn’t do pictures.  Sorry.  But, today, I did carbonate some green kool aid.

[Update 2013-02-02 15:48:45] Here’s a write up on making root beer in my soda stream.

Image by greychr via flickr

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