Don’t We All Feel Safer?

TSA at Gate B9

The TSA has released their top 10 confiscations of 2011.  Have a look at them:

10) Snakes, turtles, and birds
9) A science project
8) An artfully concealed non-metallic martial arts weapon called a “Tactical Spike”
7) Inert landmines
6) A stun gun disguised as a smart phone
5) A flare gun with seven flares
4) Two throwing knives  
3) Over 1,200 firearms
2) A loaded .380 pistol  
1) Small chunks of C4 explosives

I agree with Bruce Schneier….this just proves how worthless the TSA is.  Take a look at what he says:

That’s right; not a single terrorist on the list. Mostly forgetful, and entirely innocent, people. Note that they fail to point out that the firearms and knives would have been just as easily caught by pre-9/11 screening procedures. And that the C4 — their #1 “good catch” — was on the return flight; they missed it the first time. So only 1 for 2 on that one.

Boy I sure feel safer when I fly.  How about you?!

Image from stuben via flickr

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