Siri appears to be good….unless you are scottish

I don’t think this has made the news in the US; however, several news sites have articles here.  It appears that Siri (software in the new iPhone 4s that processes speech commands) has issues at times with a Scottish Accent.  Here’s a video:

Full disclosure here….I had to hear the guy twice before I figured out he was asking the phone to create a reminder (I couldn’t figure out what a remainder was…well, I knew but it didn’t make sense).

Now, if you don’t live in the UK, you may not realize, but the UK has TONS and TONS of different accents.  What we Americans typically think of a a British accent is really limited to the South East of England.  The best suggestion I saw (which I can’t find out) was to have English (Scottish) in addition to English (International), English (US), English (Australian), and English (UK).  It makes sense to me

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