Android the problem?

Android vs. Apple

In this article on PC World, the author says the problem with Android is that most of the phones running Android are stuck on older versions.  He then goes on and points out that Apple IOS 5 was available on every device shortly after launch.  I don’t think this is an apples to apples (or should I say ice cream sandwich to apple) comparison.  Here’s why:

1) Because of Android’s open nature, most handset manufactures have taken to adding their own “skins” onto Android.  Do you know that HTC Touch interface?  Yep…a skin.
2) Just like with other things, the manufacture has to update their skin whenever a new version comes out.  This takes time.
3) Can you imagine Apple allowing people to “skin” IOS?  Heck, no one else even manufactures the device.

While I agree it there is a problem, we disagree on where the problem lies.  The problem isn’t Google or Android….the problem is handset manufactures who think the stock interface needs “help.”  Just like those horrid, rubbish helper apps on a PC, you don’t need them.  Make sure blame is placed at the correct place. 

Image from Saad Irfan via flickr

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