US / BRIT with a love of Bavaria - need I say more...?

English.  The heart language (native language) of most people in the US.  It is also the heart language of many people in the UK.  But they aren’t the same.  Oh no.  I would say there is 70% (or more) overlap; however, there are differences.  In fact, there is a whole page on wikipedia about AME and BE differences.

I’ve been reading it today and it has been so long since my English classes that I don’t understand lots of it.  Verb tenses are hard.  Sure, I understand past, present, and future; however, it gets harder when speaking about past-perfect, etc….  This section was especially difficult to understand.

I’m thinking about coming up with a quiz for kids at youth group….along the lines of:  What are braces called in the US or something (btw, they are suspenders.  Suspenders in the UK mean a garter belt).  But that may take some time.

[Update 2011-10-15 15:54:51] I wonder if this might help?

Image from richard cawood via flickr

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