Living Abroad….

A snap shot and some short thoughts on a monarch

…one learns all sorts of new things.  Like, for example, everyone knows who Queen Elizabeth II is (the current reigning monarch of the UK and the Commonwealth countries).  However, until I moved to the UK, I didn’t know her husband was not the king.  He isn’t the king because the king can only be the real king if he was the heir-apparent.  Instead, he was given the title of Duke of Edinburgh (if I understand everything right).  He is also called Prince because he was the (or a?) prince in Greece.

So who will be next?  Well, the current line of succession has Prince Charles, then Prince William.  But what happens if William and Kate have a girl as their first child?  She is not the heir-apparent (again, if I understand everything).  The heir-apparent would be their first male child (I don’t know who would be next if they only had girls).

But, David Cameron is pushing a bill through Parliament to change that.  However, it also has to be passed by the other commonwealth countries.  Supposedly, there will be a constitutional crisis if this doesn’t happen….I don’t claim to understand it all.

In the end, there are always new things to be learned when you are in new situations.  Just ask questions and be patient.

[Update 2011-10-28 15:34:44] David Cameron and the other Commonwealth countries have agreed.  The first child of William and Kate will be the ruler.

Image from Steve Punter via flickr

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