Windsor Castle

Windsor on a Dull Day

I had an opportunity to go to Windsor Castle yesterday.  I had a great time, except for one thing….because it is so close to Heathrow, there were planes overhead all day long.  If I were the monarch, I think I would either fix the problem or ask the government to fix the problem.  I can’t imagine having a state dinner or a dine and sleep there and having it interrupted by the constant air traffic.

For those who don’t know, Windsor Castle is 

Windsor Castle is a medieval castle and royal residence in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire, notable for its long association with the British royal family and its architecture. The original castle was built after the Norman invasion by William the Conqueror. Since the time of Henry I it has been used by a succession of monarchs and is the longest-occupied palace in Europe. The castle’s lavish, early 19th-century State Apartments are architecturally significant, described by art historian Hugh Roberts as “a superb and unrivalled sequence of rooms widely regarded as the finest and most complete expression of later Georgian taste”.he castle includes the 15th-century St George’s Chapel, considered by historian John Robinson to be “one of the supreme achievements of English Perpendicular Gothic” design.More than five hundred people live and work in Windsor, making it the largest inhabited castle in the world.

from Wikipedia

Image from david (ddpf) via flickr

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