Coffee….or Not

Yesterday, Friday 22 Jan, I tried to go to what has become a favorite coffee shop of mine in Skopje (or Skoplje if you are in Serbia) Macedonia.  When I showed up, the place was closed up tight.  There was a sign on the door.  After trying to read it, I decided it said they would open at 11pm (2300) for a party.  I went on about my business….

On the way back to the apartment, I heard a BBC report about coffee shops in Macedonia closing for the day yesterday to protest a new anti-smoking law that went into effect.  Now, I imagine the sign said something like “We are closed to protest the new anti-smoking law.  We will reopen on the 23rd.  Call your represenative and complain.”  Anyway, I thought it was interesting that this protest made international news…and that I heard it on the way home.

For more information, see these few articles .

Image from gregoriosz via flickr.  Note, it is not the coffee shop I was trying to go to.

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