Truphone, iPhone, and Nokia

 I’ve blogged before about Truphone, what I did before coming overseas, what I wish I had known before coming overseas, and then some issues I had had.

Inspite of that, I’ve really grown to like Truphone.  Just having it while we were in Rome to use to call was AWESOME.  It is a great service.  I’m actually thinking about getting Cyndi a phone that it will work on….perhaps then we can dump vonage.  But…who knows.

Anyway, when I read about things like this, this, this, and this on the Truphone Blog, I get agrivated.  I’m sure they have a real good reason for what they are doing (probabaly a bajillion people have it installed on their iPhones)…I just wish they could get skype functionality on the nokia.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the client…probabaly a more back-end change (especially since Gizmo is offering a SIP to Skype bridge now).

Regardless, I’ll keep using Truphone…I think it is the best VoIP Service out there.  I just wish they could keep the client functionality in sync a bit more.

Image from VoIPMan via Flickr

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