Rome Day 0 in Pictures — pt 2


While we were taxing into the airport when we landed, we saw this view.  That reminded Lydia about her grandpa sowe took a picture for him.


I went out for a walk while Cyndi and Lydia laid down for a nap.  Here are some of the sights I saw.  This isn’t too interesting, but I saw a Blockbuster…so I took a picture of it.  I know it isn’t anything special…but I haven’t seen one in about a year.


Only in Italy would you see a pizza vending machine.  I forget how much it was…but I’d never seen one before.

I saw a thing for RomaNBike.  I took a picture, but didn’t do any looking for it.  it may be a bike rental place or it may be something totally different.  I’m not sure.


I stepped into a mcDonalds.  Most of the others I have been in look like a McDonalds.  This one didn’t so I snapped the picture.  Sorry for the goofy whiteout.  I was trying to be low key and not look like I was taking a picture.It had seperate stands.  One place to order coffee and donuts.  Another for ice cream.  I never did see the place you order hamburgers…but I’m sure it was there.  I didn’t walk all the way through since I had no intention of ordering.

 I stumbled across the Spanish Steps while I was walking around.  Sorry, I don’t have a picture to share of the steps right yet (we are going back tomorrow…I should have something posted about it in a week or so).  But, while I was there, I saw several people get scammed the same way.  A guy is taking pictures of his girl when a guy walks up with a few flowers.  He hands them to the girl seemingly for the picture.  When the picture is done, she tries to hand them back only he won’t take them.  She doesn’t want them, but doesn’t know what to do with them.  He then demands money from the people for the flowers they “bought.”  I haven’t seen this anywhere else in Rome yet…but be warned.  Here is a picture of the people talking to the guy about the flowers after they have taken the picture (The girl is in the white shirt, the guy in the blue shirt and coat is her “other”.  The guy in front of them is the guy wanting money for the flowers):



Below are a few of the pictures I took of the Trevi Fountain.  We went a few days ago and I took a few more pictures.  Check back when I get Day 1 pictures up for a few more.


That evening for dinner, I had a Whopper from a Burger King (didn’t I already mention that??)

That concludes day 0 commentary on my pictures.  Check out our flickr archive for 22 March 2009 to see all of the pictures we took on that day.

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