Rome Day 0 in Pictures — pt 1

Why day 0?  Well, this was our travel day.  We flew from Belgrade to Rome and arrived around 8:30am or so.  While trying to get to the place we are staying, we were thwarted by the Rome Marathon.  Everything in the center was closed.  We ended up and had to walk the last 1.5 km or so.

Here are some pictures we took while we were traveling to Belgrade and flying into Rome.  Lydia did great on the plane.

DSC08223 DSC08220

Speaking of the marathon, here are some pictures we took of that. At first, we wondered where the runners were…but then we realized we had just seen the very first part of the race. Kevin…you should come over and run in this race. They go by some very historic stuff all over Rome.



We ended up and ate at the best fast food place in the world…BURGER KING!!  I had this thing called an Angry Whopper.  It was a whopper with spicy cheese and jalapenos on it.  Lydia had a kid’s meal.  I forget what Cyndi had.  Lydia and I were tired after the long ride (and walk) to the hotel bed and breakfast place.


Well, check back later…I’ll write more later tonight or tomorrow.



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