Google Voice — Yes

Well, today is the day!  My Grandcentral account has been upgraded to Google Voice.  Below are some screenshots I took of the process.  For more on how I ended up with here, see these two posts.

20090319_GrandcentralScreenshot GoogleVoiceUpgrade01
The upgrade message in GrandCentral Step 1: Choose the google account to use
GoogleVoiceUpgrade02 GoogleVoiceUpgrade03
Step 2: Provide additional information.  I didn’t have to do this…probabaly because I used an existing google account. Step 3:  Wait.  About 30 sec or so.
GoogleVoiceUpgrade04 GoogleVoiceUpgrade05
Step 4: Accept T&C for voicemail transcription.  Step 5:  Don.  If you look close, you can see I was given $1 worth of credit to use.  I guess this is to call international numbers.  Calls within the US are free.

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