GrandCentral Update (sort of)

Yesterday I was griping that my GrandCentral account hadn’t been upgraded.  Today I logged in and saw a slightly different message:

“Your account will soon be available for upgrade to Google Voice. Thank you for your patience”

 What does that mean?  Don’t know.  To me, it means the same thing as the previous message.  I went to the blog–as suggested–no additional information there.  I guess it means that 1) sometime in the future I’ll have a google voice account and/or 2) someone got tired of fielding all the e-mails asking “when…when…when” so they decided to change the status message to tell everyone “soon.”

[Update 03-18-2009 09:24:35] As I was updating my previous post to point to this one, I thought I should add something.  I understand why they didn’t do it all at once (heck, just the processing time to migrate everything would take some time to run).  But, it would be nice to have a better error status message than your account is not yet ready.  Why not make a blog post stating that this group goes first, this other group goes next, etc….?  Then, they could have nipped the complaints in the bud–everyone would have known when they would be upgraded–and not had to answer tons of questions.

Now, if they just add in the ability to call it with SIP I would be set!

[Update 03-19-2009 08:24:13] I’ve got a google voice account now!

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