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 Yesterday, several of us met to study the Bible.  The passage we read was Mark 6:45-52 (Jesus walking on the water after feeding the 5,000).  Today, while I was reading in my quiet time, I was struck with some irony.  See, one of the things we talked about yesterday was how the disciples had just seen Jesus feed 5,000+ people.  On top of that, previously, they had been given power to do miracles when they were sent out (Mark 6:7-13).  AND, they did something with the power (Mark 6:13 says they actually cast out demons and healed the sick).

Why were they like this?  Verse 52 tells us why:  their heart was hardened and they did not consider the miracle of the loaves.  In short…they had just come off a high, were in a real rough place, and didn’t remember what had happened in the past.  We’d never be like that, would we?  Would we?

What about the Israelites?  How about when they came out of Egypt and were looking at the promised land?  They–excelt Joshua and Caleb–said the people were too great .  They ignored the fact that God had 1) given it to them and 2) had worked a great many miracles in the past (manna, parting of the Red Sea, etc…).  Those goofy Israelites…how could they not remember?  I’m glad we aren’t that way.  Or are we?

What about Christians today who ignore things God tells them to do–myself included–for all manner of reasons?  How about voting?  Do you vote for the person God wants you to vote for, or do you pick a lesser of two evils?  Do you take the step and give as he tells you or do you not trust Him to provide?  How many times do we shirk from our responsibility to witness and pass it off?  See…it is easy to be hard on “those” disciples or “those” Israelites because “they” aren’t us.  But, we have a record of a huge number of miracles done by God…but what do we do??  They are ignored for whatever reason.

So, while it’s easy to blame “they” we need to constantly look at “me” and “now” to make sure we aren’t the pot calling the kettle black.

Thanks to docman for the picture.

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