Obama, Promises, and Bush

 About six months ago, many of my conversations here centered around politics.  What did I think?  Who was I going to vote for?  What did I think of Obama?  Isn’t Obama great?  My general answer to all of these questions centered around the following thoughts:  No, I won’t tell you who I will vote for or who I voted for…I don’t even tell Cyndi; I’m always hopeful that the person who wins will be honest and stick to his word; BUT, I have seen too many politicians promise huge lists of stuff and in eight years nothing on that list gets done; and I’m sure they have their reasons–the primary one is that they couldn’t know so many things while they were running for office–but they should have taken that into consideration when they made the promises because a promise is a promise.

Well, it looks like my general skepticism of politicians is bearing fruit.  What was one of Obama’s biggest promises?  Change .  Change everything.  Well…here are just a few of his promises he has already broke (from this WND article ):

  1. Sunlight Before Signing
  2. Capital gains tax elimination
  3. New American jobs tax credit
  4. Hiatus on 401(k) penalties
  5. No jobs for lobbyists
  6. Earmark reform
  7. Bring troops home in 16 months
  8. Sign Freedom of Choice Act
  9. $4,000 college credit
  10. Transparency 

Now, some of these, like the Sign Freedom of Choice Act, I’m glad he hasn’t done.  Others of them were missed outright–the Porkulus Bill for example.  Some of them were neat–like the open government and giving people the opportunity to review things before they were made law (but what does it matter then?  The time for review and comment is in the law making process.  The President can’t do anything once he gets it.  We need to tell our representatives and senators about issues before they are passed.  Has everyone forgotten basics?)


By the way, if you think WorldNet Daily is biased, how about looking at this article.

Thanks to Steve Rhodes for the picture.

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