“ludi” Americans


Lydia is growing so fast, but she had a rough couple of weeks.  We were in Greece for a week the end of June and had a great time.  But Lydia definitely had a hard time getting back into a good eating/sleeping routine.  A couple of weeks after we got home, she started with the up and down cycle of good and bad days (diarrhea, not eating, whiny) that would eventually lead us to the dr.  Thankfully, our friend and tutor, Marijana, went with us and everything turned out fine.  Lydia just finished 10 days of a probiotic to get her little digestive system back on track and this week she has been so much better…happier, eating like her old self (oink, oink), and no more tummy issues!  She’s certainly starting to gain back some of the weight she lost.  Thank You, God!!  Even though it was a tough time, it is so neat to see how He takes care of us:) 

Now for the “ludi” part…which translates to CRAZY!  We have 3 friends, college students from the US who came for 2 months to work with a summer English program, who left for Belgrade at 2 AM to catch an early AM flight back to the States.  One of their favorite places to eat is this fast food stand in the centar that has chicken sandwiches and french fries and happens to be open 24/7.  They were planning to meet some friends at the “chicken stand” at 1 for one last meal in Serbia.  So Matt and I thought it would be cool to go see them off.  He went to a concert in the park and hung out with friends by the river drinking coffee for hours and I was home with Lydia.  Around 12:30, she started fussing so I went ahead and got her out of bed to get ready.  I really thought I could slip on long pants, socks, shoes, and her jacket over her PJ’s and she’d go back to sleep as soon as I put her in the stroller and we started walking.  Was I ever wrong!!  We got down there and she was ready to mingle…especially when she saw the french fries!  Jelena (our friend who watches her when we go to language class) was there and held her and fed her french fries the whole time :^)  Poor Lydia, at first the french fries were really hot and she scared herself with one, but then she got so mad when we made her wait for them to cool off more.  And by the time we walked with our friends back to their apt. (which is only a block from ours), she was positively punchy.  She kept squinting her eyes and giggling randomly as we walked down the street!

We had a great time giving our friends a proper send off and Lydia doesn’t seem to be feeling any ill effects today, but I sure am tired.  I must be getting old…maybe I’ll join Lydia for naptime today:^)

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