You won’t find us on Skype Any More

I just want to let everyone know that you won’t find us on Skype any more. Why? Well, it isn’t free software (as in freedom) for one. There is also no way to ensure that it has no back doors. It also doesn’t use open standards for communication. How can you contact us? Well, we have a Gizmo accout. But, I don’t use the Gizmo client (it isn’t free either). I downloaded Wengo Phone (it is GPLd) and use it to use Gizmo VoIP service. If you were using a real VoIP solution, you could call us directly by simply knowing our SIP URI. However, Skype doesn’t allow that.

  • You could talk to Skype about entering into a Voip Peering arrangement and allow you to call SIP numbers.
  • If you want to call via telephone, call one of these numbers then dial *747 + our Gizmo number.
  • Go to the gizmo homepage and sign up for an account. Also download zphone from Phil Zimmerman. It will encrypt your voice over the internet.
  • If you care about using free software (instead of closed software that can contain who knows what), download one of many applications that support SIP. I’m using WengoPhone right now. Don’t like the interface? Choose another. See why open standards are important?!

[Update 08-15-2008 09:09:41I discuss changes to my communication apps here .  I started having problems using Wengo Phone so I switched back to the Gizmo Client and Pidgin.  I also wanted to continue using the Pidgin Encryption plugin.

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